Hill Nikki- Feline Roots

On her 4th cd release, Nikki Hill & band stick to the the rock end of rock & roll with a hard edged, uncompromisingly tough collection of original songs.  Guitarists MATT HILL & LAURA CHAVEZ have a power chord holiday that fits the feel of the songs and drummer MARTY DODSON  drives the beat home with his usual unusual approach. A cursory look at the song titles pretty much tells you what it's all about.............

1.  Get Down, Crawl 02:41
2.  Don't Be the Sucker 03:08
3.  Just Can't Trust You 03:07
4.  Can't Love You Back (It's a Shame) 03:59
5.  Holler Out Loud 02:53
6.  Poisoning the Well 03:54
7.  Take the Ride (It Don't Matter) 03:02
8.  Tell the Next World 03:02
9.  Might Get Killed Tonight 03:15
10.  The Fire That's In Me 04:04
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