Pedersen Tyler- Swingin Beyond

Bassist Tyler Pedersen has played & recorded with WILLIAM CLARKE, RICK HOLMSTROM, THE BIG RHYTHM COMBO  and many of the California based blues bands. This release showcases his talent on 4 string guitar & bass as well as featuring the multi talented NATHAN JAMES both playing and producing.  The sound is reminiscent of the bluesy swing of George Barnes or Barney Kessel but with totally original compositions.  This all instrumental set has some hard swinging guitar romps along with interesting and unusual performances by the entire band............... 


1. Swingin Beyond

2. Chasin

3. Whack n Rolla

4. Hammin It Up

5. Tropigala

6. Stompus

7. My Lament

8. The Shake

9. Titan Hop

10. Celeste

11. Extreme People

12. Song For Us

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