Texas Queens- Featuring Bloodest Saxophone

A few years ago the Japanese jump band BLOODEST SAXOPHONE cut a record with singer Jewel Brown for the Dialtone label. The record showcased the bands utter command of the style and fit perfectly with Brown's vocal dynamics.  Not only was the band tight, they were loose in the right way as well.  This latest record features 5 women from Texas & Louisiana with a strong & soulful style and the ability to add the right dynamic to the songs.  Covers of BIG MAYBELLE, JOHNNY ADAMS, AMOS MILBURN & BIG MAMA THORNTON are features for the big voiced singers and the band gets in the act with over the top instrumentals like PORK CHOP CHICK & COCKROACH RUN.  Guests include Austinites KAZ KAZANOFF, JOHNNY MOELLER & NICK CONNOLLY who add a punch to the proceedings........

1. I've Got A Feeling- DIUNNA GREENLEAF

2. I Just Want To Make Love To You- 5 QUEENS

3. Losing Battle- CRYSTAL THOMAS

4. Walking The Dog- JAI MALANO

5. Pork Chop Chick- (instrumental)


7. It's Your Voodoo Working- JAI MALANO

8. You Don't Move Me No More- CRYSTAL THOMAS

9. Don't Hit Me No More- ANGELA MILLER

10. I Done Done It- JAI MALANO

11. The Grape Vine- LAUREN CERVANTES

12. Cockroach Run- (instrumental)

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