Mother Earth-(2CDS) Complete Recordings 1968-70

Mother Earth was an eclectic American blues & country rock band formed in California by Tracy Nelson who had already established herself as a solo artist. The group was signed to Mercury Records and from 1968-1970, they recorded three albums featuring the talents of MIKE BLOOMFIELD- BARRY GOLDBERG- MARK NAFTALIN- GEORGE RAINS & TRACY NELSON's authoritative vocals........

Disc: 1
Living With The Animals
  1. Marvel Group
  2. Mother Earth
  3. I Did My Part
  4. Living with the Animals
  5. Down So Low
  6. Cry on
  7. It Won't Be Long
  8. My Love Will Never Die
  9. Goodnight Nelda Grebe, the Telephone Company Has Cut Us Off
  10. The Kingdom O Heaven (Is Within You)
Make A Joyful Noise
  11. (Part 1-City Side)
  12. Stop the Train
  13. What Are You Trying to Do
  14. I Need Your Love So Bad
  15. Soul of the Man
  16. Blues for the Road
Disc: 2
  1. (Part 2-Country Side)
  2. You Win Again
  3. Come on An See
  4. Then I'll Be Moving on
  5. I, the Fly
  6. I Wanna Be Your Mama Again
  7. Wait, Wait, Wait
  8. Satisfied
  9. Groovy Way
  10. Get Out of Here
  11. Ruler of My Heart
  12. Andy's Song
  13. Take Me in Your Arms, Rock Me a Little While
  14. You Won't Be Passing Here No More
  15. This Feeling
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