Pryor Snooky- All My Moneys Gone

Recorded in 1979 in Austria, this cd features both enthusiastic live recordings & well done studio sides some with Homesick James in support........It's rare to see something new from Snooky so this is a welcome release..............

  1. Ain't That Just Like a Woman
  2. All My Money Gone
  3. Homesick and Snooky's Boogie
  4. I'm Gonna Call Up My Baby
  5. Boogie Twist
  6. Blue Bird Blues
  7. Break It Up, Baby
  8. After You There Won't Be Nobody Else
  9. Look What You Doin' to Me
  10. Big Road Blues
  11. Snooky's Off the Wall Blues
  12. Keep Your Arms Around Me
  13. Trouble in Mind
  14. Work with Me, Annie
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