Jennings Bill- Complete PRESTIGE Recordings 1959-60
 As a jazz musician, Bill Jennings always insisted on soul as well as sound. Although an ardent admirer of the great guitars in jazz, Jennings was always biased towards reeds and (admittedly a frustrated saxophonist) claimed that his style had been heavily influenced by Charlie Parker and Herschel Evans.
Between 1959 and 1960 Prestige engaged Jennings to record two albums: Enough Said! and Glide On. He had the backing of organist Jack McDuff who provides some neat and clean-cut support bassist Wendell Marshall and drummer Alvin Johnson....................
1 Enough Said 6:38
2 Tough Gain 4:14
3 Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) 6:58
4 Dark Eyes 4:38
5 It Could Happen To You 6:22
6 Blue Jams 5:25
7 Dig Uncle Will 3:28
8 It's Alvin Again [Bonus Track] 3:50
9 Glide On 5:30
10 Alexandria, Virginia 3:52
11 Billin' And Bluin' 4:42
12 There'll Never Be Another You 3:49
13 Azure-Te (Paris Blues) 4:40
14 Fiddlin' 2:34
15 Cole Slaw 8:06
16 Hey Mrs. Jones 4:19


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