InstruMENTAL- Bigtone Records Instrumental Blast!!

KIM WILSON-KID RAMOS-RUSTY ZINN-RJ MISCHO- BILLY FLYNN & DEAN SHOT are joined by the Bigtone crew of Troy Sandow-Danny Michel, Malachi Johnson, Kedar Roy & Marty Dodson on this wild instrumental ride through modern traditional blues.  Keeping the music true to it's legacy has become a major focus of JON ATKINSON's efforts at Bigtone with players who don't try to "keep the blues alive" but work from a respect for what has come before and add their own touch.  Less is more..........

1. Arkansas Twist- DANNY MICHEL

2. Raw Butta- TROY SANDOW

3. I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine- BILLY FLYNN


5. Smoke Break- DANNY MICHEL

6. Zinn Boogie- RUSTY ZINN

7. How Long Can This Go On- DEAN SHOT

8. Drop In- RJ MISCHO

9. Old School- KID RAMOS

10. Dark Times- KIM WILSON

11. Grass Hoppin- BILLY FLYNN

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