Alligator Records-30th Anniversary (2cds)
Disc One 1.) SHEMEKIA COPELAND, Turn The Heat Up, from "Turn the Heat Up" (5:05) 2.) MICHAEL BURKS, Got A Way With Women, from "Make It Rain" (4:25) 3.) MARCIA BALL, Louella, from "Presumed Innocent" (4:27) 4.) JUNIOR WELLS, Keep Your Hands Out Of My Pockets, from "Harp Attack!" (5:14) 5.) COCO MONTOYA, Enough Is Enough, from "Suspicion" (3:46) 6.) ROBERT CRAY & ALBERT COLLINS, She's Into Something, from "Showdown!" (3:49) 7.) COREY HARRIS & HENRY BUTLER, If You Let A Man Kick You Once, from "vu-du menz" (4:13) 8.) WILLIAM CLARKE, Broke And Hungry, from "Groove Time" (3:06) 9.) KOKO TAYLOR, Bring Me Some Water, from "Royal Blue" (5:20) 10.) CAREY BELL, Hard Working Woman, from "Good Luck Man" (4:38) 11.) RUSTY ZINN, The Chill, from "The Chill" (4:59) 12.) COREY HARRIS, Basehead, from "Greens From The Garden" (3:54) 13.) THE KINSEY REPORT, Time Is Running Out, from "Smoke And Steel" (3:58) 14.) CEPHAS & WIGGINS, Mamie, from "Homemade" (4:27) 15.) THE HOLMES BROTHERS, Homeless Child, from "Speaking In Tounges" (3:46) 16.) DAVE HOLE, Jenny Lee, from "Outside Looking In" (4:23) 17.) JOHNNY WINTER, My Time After Awhile, from "Serious Business" (5:16) 18.) PHILLIP WALKER & LONNIE BROOKS, Boogie Rambler, from "Lone Star Shootout" (3:09) Disc Two 1.) LONNIE BROOKS, Two Headed Man, from "Live From Chicago--Bayou Lightning Strikes" (5:52) 2.) LUTHER ALLISON, Soul Fixin' Man, from "Live In Chicago" (4:06) 3.) C.J. CHENIER & THE RED HOT LOUISIANA BAND (3:58) 4.) ALBERT COLLINS & THE ICEBREAKERS, Dyin' Flu, previously unreleased (10:34) 5.) JAMES COTTON, When It Rains It Pours, from "Live From Chicago--Mr. Superharp Himself!" (3:48) 6.) ELVIN BISHOP, Slow Down, from "That's My Partner!" (4:51) 7.) SAFFIRE--THE UPPITY BLUES WOMEN, You Can Have My Husband, from "Live & Uppity" (4:37) 8.) LITTLE CHARLIE & THE NIGHTCATS, I'll Take You Back, previously unreleased (7:58) 9.) DELBERT MCCLINTON, Maybe Someday Baby, from "Live In Austin" (3:42) 10.) LIL' ED & THE BLUES IMPERIALS, Chicken, Gravy & Biscuits, previously unreleased (2:37) 11.) SON SEALS WITH ELVIN BISHOP, Sadie, previously unreleased (5:58) 12.) LONNIE MACK, Stop, from "Live!--Attack Of The Killer V" (9:25) 13.) HOUND DOG TAYLOR & THE HOUSEROCKERS, It's Alright, from "Beware Of The Dog!" (4:02) 14.) HOUND DOG TAYLOR & THE HOUSEROCKERS CDROM Video Track, Taylor's Rock, previously unreleased
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