Upsetters Grady Gaines- The Upsetters Rock

Collection of R&B featuring Little Richard's hot backup band the Upsetters recorded between 1954 and 1961. Richard plays piano on several cuts and takes the vocal lead on two great Fats Domino covers Every Night About This Time & I'm In Love Again. The band also backs such fine artists as Lee Diamond (actually band member Wilbur Smith), Pretty Boy (actually Don Covay), Christine Kittrell, Lester Robinson, Dee Clark (doing his best to sound like Little Richard), Chico Booth, Leonardo Carbo and Larry Birdsong. There are also eight smoking instrumental tracks featuring hot sax and guitar. Little Richard's back up band was featured in many of the cheap rock & roll movies of the 50's like "The Girl Can't Help It", with tenor man Grady Gaines jumping atop Richard's pumping piano to bleat and wail the blues sax. Besides their long tenure with Little Richard, the Upsetters cut many fine records on their own as well as backing up some wonderful singers of the r&b era. This 27 track cd covers the best of the Upsetters releases under their own name as well as backing up such singers as Don Covay, Little Richard(first time on cd) Christine Kittrell, Lee Diamond & Leonard Carbo. There is some savage New Orleans R&B here as well as some interesting instrumental gems including a version of Clarence Hollimon's "The Gristle" by an unknown guitarist who titled it "Tater Machine". Gimme some spuds!!!!.................. 1. Jay Walking 2. Upsetter 3. Mama Loochie 4. Upsetter Rock 5. Bip Bop Bip 6. Call His Name 7. Every Night About this Time 8. I'm in Love Again 9. Hattie Malatti 10. The Strip 11. A Girl in Every City 12. Wake Up 13. Baldhead Baby 14. My Girl Across Town 15. Oh Little Girl 16. The Shimmy 17. Hot Peppers 18. Pigtails and Bluejeans 19. So Tired 20. I'm Pleading Just for You 21. If You Don't Want Me no More 22. My Darling 23. 'tater Machine 24. Take It Home to Grandma 25. Baby Baby 26. I Don't Want to Loose Her 27. Let's Get a Thing Going

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